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Frequently Asked Question.

How can I get a pass for visa-free entry to Grodno?

Visas for foreign tourists were canceled in Belarus when visiting Grodno and the territory of Brest-Grodno. To apply for visa-free documents, you should contact only tour operators with a certificate of conformity for the services provided.

The right to visa-free entry is granted only to tourists who have booked a tour, on the basis of which a document to enter the country will be issued. You may book any tourist…

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Tips for visa-free visitors of Grodno

Fifteen-day visa-free access to Grodno-Brest tourist zone
  1. Foreign visitors can enter Belarus visa-free if they plan to visit the Grodno-Brest tourist zone visa-free.
  2. Tourists can enter the visa-free zone in Belarus via 14 international border checkpoints:
    automobile checkpoints Brest (Terespol), Bruzgi (Kuznica Bialostocka), Domachevo (Slawatycze), Benyakoni (Salcininkai), Peschatka (Polowce), Privalka (Raigardas);
    small border trafic checkpoint…

Entry into the Republic of Belarus

To enter the Republic of Belarus

To enter the Republic of Belarus foreign citizens shall have the following documents with themselves:

  • valid passport or any other substitution document for travel abroad;
  • document, granting the right to visit Grodno-Brest tourist zone visa-free;
  • money: when entering Belarus a foreign a visitor…