Project opening

6 January 2014

Opening of the project  
     On January 6, 2014 opening of the catalog of virtual tours and spherical panoramas took place. Main goal of the project is placement of 3d tours in the corresponding categories of a portal. Restaurants, bars, cafe, baths, saunas, medical centers, beauty shops, hotels, hostels, apartments, rent housing, motels, motor shows, hundred, mountings, sinks, shops, hypermarkets, boutiques, agroestates, vacation spots, sports complexes, discos, night clubs, golf clubs, yachts clubs, museums, parks, theaters, movie theaters, exhibition centers, pavilions, historical centers. Also it is not all list of categories which the project can place. Your institution will receive a worthy place in the catalog of virtual 3d tours. The portal offers additional services both 3d shooting of your institutions and aerial photograph, shooting from air, virtual 3d walks.      
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