3D VIDEO! The new service to deploy spatial video on 3Dmap.by!

15 September 2014
For the first time in Belarus - 3d video!

Catalog of virtual tours 3Dmap.by offers a new service to deploy spatial 3d video!

3d video technology allows users to capture any event at 360 degrees in Camera mode: rock concert, fashion-show, wedding, presentations, exhibitions, birthday, and all that You think is important, and the audience to be in the middle of it and go through all the emotions!

Spatial 3d video looks like a 3d panorama viewer which is in the center. He can look around, zoom in or out the picture, stop the video and view the details in the "pause", which gives the feeling of presence! To overview available absolutely everything that happened around the time of shooting. This technology is quite different from the usual videos, which can always be seen only a small part of the event - one that the operator considered important at the time of the shooting. But it's that important and interesting things are happening behind the back of the operator ...

3d video - a new look at important events in your life and business!

Order 3d video, You can have our partners "IDEAS STUDIO"
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