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The catalog of virtual tours 3Dmap.by invites you to visit 3d tour on the memorial complex Barrow Glories - the Great Patriotic War monument. 

Exactly in these parts in July, 1944 during the largest offensive operation "Bagration" the 105-thousand group of Hitlerite armies got to an environment. This event received the name "Minsk Copper". Defeat of group came to the end on July 11 and became one more decisive step on a way to liberation of Belarus. 

In memory of heroism of the Soviet soldiers and officers, and also in honor of a victory in the Great Patriotic War BSSR management adopted on August 18, 1966 the resolution on a construction of monumental and sculptural composition Barrow Glories. 

On September 30 the same year on a place where the memorial now towers, the memorable plate was put and meeting in which took part not only Minskers, but also representatives of hero towns is held. Participants of meeting accepted an order to revere to the future generations memory of last war and to be patriots of the fatherland. The text of an order was immured in a special capsule in the barrow basis.

The construction of Barrow Glories which began in November, 1967, became business national. Thousands of people considered as the debt to make the contribution to it and brought here earth handfuls. 

The general height of a memorial makes 70,6 meters. The earth hill 35 meters high the sculptural composition from four bayonets revetted with the titan, 35,6 meters high everyone crowns. Bayonets symbolize the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd Belarusian and the 1st Baltic the fronts freeing Belarus. Their basis surrounds a ring with bas-relief images of the Soviet soldiers and guerrillas. On the inside of a ring executed in equipment of a mosaic, the text is beaten off: "Armies Soviet, Armies liberators — glory! " Besides, the basis of an obelisk is decorated by images of awards of Patriotic war and Glory. From the barrow bottom, surrounding it, to a monument conduct two concrete ladders, each of which has 241 steps.

Discovery of Barrow Glories took place in 1969. 

Barrow of Slava near Minsk generated the whole wave of imitations among the architects creating military memorials across all USSR.

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