•   Ukraine, Pripyat
Chernobyl ... Pripyat ...
A virtual walk through Chernobyl with the possibility of viewing in virtual reality glasses (VR) is a safe way to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone, get to Pripyat, visit the Polesie Hotel and see the Lazurny pool, get acquainted with the interior of the Energetik Palace and look into the kindergarten in the village of Kopachi.
In addition, in the virtual 3d tour there is an operational gynecological department of the medical unit 126, the roof of the sixteen-storey building, the burned elevator hotel of Polissya and an amusement park.

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Date April 26, 1986 disappeared from almost all the calendars that are lying around in the ruined buildings in the city of Pripyat. The date after which the world has become different and will never be the same ...

Enjoy watching!