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The catalog of virtual tours 3Dmap.by brings to your attention 3d tour on a symbol of heroic defense of the Soviet people during World War II.

The German command planned to take during the first hours wars Brest and the Brest fortress, located on the direction of the main blow of group of Centre armies. The opponent within half an hour conducted storm aim shelling on all entrance gate in fortress, to predmostny strengthenings and bridges, on artillery and vehicle fleet, on warehouse with ammunition, medicines, the food, on barracks, houses of commanding structure, moving art fire squall each 4 minutes on 100 m deep into fortresses. Followed striking assault forces of the enemy. As a result of shelling and fires the majority of warehouses and the equipment, many other objects were destroyed or destroyed, the water supply system ceased to work, communication interrupted. The considerable part of fighters and commanders was put out of action at the very beginning of military operations, the garrison of fortress is dismembered on separate groups.

In the building of Engineering management and East fort Hitlerites applied gases, against defenders of barracks of the 333rd regiment and the 98th division, a caponier in a zone of the 125th regiment - flame throwers. From a roof of barracks of the 333rd shooting regiment to windows explosives were lowered, but the Soviet soldiers wounded by explosions continued to shoot until walls of the building weren't destroyed and compared to the earth. The opponent was compelled to note firmness and heroism of defenders of fortress. In July the commander of the 45th German infantry division general Shlipper in "The report on occupation" reported Brest-Litovska: "Russians to Brest-Litovske fought exclusively persistently and persistently. They showed excellent training of infantry and proved remarkable will to resistance".
08.05.1965 years of fortress the honorary title "Fortress hero" with delivery of the Order of Lenin and the medal "Gold Star" is appropriated. In the territory of fortress the museum of defense of the Brest fortress is created. 25.09.1971 the memorial complex the Brest fortress the hero is open.
The memorial begins with a monumental main entrance in the form of the huge star which has been cut through in the concrete block. Here A. Alexandrov's song "Sacred war" and the governmental message on attack to the Soviet Union of armies of fascist Germany sounds.
The composite center of ensemble – a monument "Courage", a pogrudny sculpture of the soldier 33,5 m high on which reverse side the relief compositions telling about separate episodes of heroic defense of fortress are located.
The 100-meter obelisk "Bayonet" is visible from any point of fortress and is connected with the main monument "Courage" 3 rows of tombstones. Names only 216 of 850 defenders of fortress buried here are known. The main part of a memorial is Tseremonialov Square where pass mass celebrations.
Before ruins of the former engineering management the Eternal flame burns.

The museum is open for visitors from 9:00 till 18:00. Monday - the day off, tours are conducted only on the territory. The last Tuesday of month — sanitary day. on January 1st day off.